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Chart Pilot Ltd.

On 10.06.2014 an Agreement was made between "East View Geospacial Inc" and "Chart Pilot Ltd" - agent for print on demand.
From this date Chart Pilot Ltd started printing and distrubuting of US nautical navigational charts issued by NOAA. More details are available here.

Our work is your course to success!

Prepare, correct, and deliver to most remote consumer necessary nautical charts at the earliest possible date.

Make available any navigational publication, not matter where or how it was published, and in what place of the planet it’s required.

“Chart Pilot Ltd” at the same time offers collections of charts and publications of Russian Federation, Great Britain, Australia and Norway.

We offer to use the most detailed and correct nautical navigational charts, creating ship folio from the best charts of different Hydrographical Offices, correcting the collection in one place!

For our clients the most up-to-dated digital data sets are developed, which can interact with wide range of cartographic navigational systems.

Chart Pilot Ltd.

Established in 1998 and based in Saint-Petersburg, the biggest Russian port, we have created a vast distribution network of our charts, publications and services. There are appointed agents and distributors in major Russian ports and abroad. Our client database has reached the limit of more then 1000 customers Worldwide.

All of our heads of departments and members of staff are professionals, holding degrees gained from naval and maritime universities or having big and sound experience in field of navigational safety, knowledge and practical skills which allow us to achieve delivered tasks in workmanlike manner and in the shortest time possible.

Our Company has our own warehouse of cartographic products and fully certified correction team, which helps us significantly reduce the time of serving the clients.

We can assist with supplying ships with up-to-date navigational information in any areas of World Ocean.

At the same time Company consider itself as production-technological firm in field of cartographic works. Certificates and licenses can be found here >>>

As main guiding line during our work we only accept satisfaction of customers’ requests: without errors, without delays, without extra expenses for consumer.

The quality of service is priority for managerial board and employees of our Company.


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